The dog was pining for her puppies, and everyone who took the puppies brought them to the dog

A dog named Cora got into the shelter because she was sent to live on the street. She was very depressed. The dog didn’t want to eat and sat in the corner all the time.

The veterinarian decided to examine Cora more thoroughly and found out that she had recently given birth. And the owners of the dog needed puppies, not their mother. They distributed the kids to different families, and Cora was sent to live on the street.

After learning that the dog had puppies that she loved, and after they were taken away, the staff understood everything. She missed her children!

A post was published on social networks in which they asked to bring the puppies to the shelter for a while to help Cora recover and see her babies.

When you look at the reunion of a mother with her cubs, you can’t hold back the tears. But it is clear that the mother dog did not count one baby. And unfortunately, it is, one puppy died. It’s so sad, but still, the rest of the kids are all here.

The puppies immediately snuggled up to their mom. Such a touching meeting!

This video shows that love has many different forms. Despite the time and separation, the mother dog continues to love her children!

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