30 heartwarming pictures of shelter dogs: Before Vs After adoption

Dogs are often miserable when they’re taken to the shelters – some are stray, some are lost, some are abandoned, some are even rescued from dangerous places. They are hungry, they are injured, and of course, they are upset… until someone finds them. So, if you intend to find yourself a new friend to live with, adopt, don’t shop. Your help will change their life. Let’s take this post as an example.

Recently, there has been a new wave on social networks where people proudly share photos of their dogs before and after adoption. It all started as a TikTok challenge when a girl named Alexa uploaded a video in which she asked TikTok users to show her what their dog looked like in the shelter versus now. The young girl even led the way by sharing a picture of her own dog.

The movement began immediately, and everyone loves it! Here are 30 touching pictures of these admirable dogs compiled by Bored Panda, and their transformations will melt your heart for sure.

#1. The little boy has gone through a lot.

#2. He seems much more satisfied in his new home.

#3. Meet Tater Tot, a strong and cheerful boy.

#4. He just went from happy to happier. That attitude!

#5. Selly can see everything clearly with her heart.

#6. Loml used to be sad. But now he isn’t.

#7. He chose to be optimistic.

#8. Just a few months ago and Winnie is so much different now.

#9. The doubtful and painful look in the first pic can break anyone’s heart.

#10. She’s such a cute floof now.

#11. That confident and peaceful smile.

#12. From trepidation to pure joy.

#13. Brutus looks so content now.

#14. Adopted a dog, got a reindeer.

#15. The name Dobby used to suit him so well.

#16. From Pandora to Penny, an incredible transformation.

#17. We are proud of you, boy!

#18. That’s how adoption works.

#19. It’s safe to say that Heartly likes her new pyjamas, a lot.

#20. Who’s a handsome boy?

#21. Someone is enjoying himself.

#22. That smile SHINES.

#23. Her face is literally glowing.

#24. Obviously he was starving back then. What a strong will.

#25. Another cutie who beat hunger and survived. Well done, Bubba.

#26. Koda Bear loves his mom!

#27. From shelter to forever home. And by “forever”, they mean forever.

#28. What a sweet Samoyed.

#29. In a perfect world, every dog would have a home.

#30. He’s a role model now.

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