The dog was begging for help to feed its babies

It is very hard to watch how weaker and more defenseless creatures suffer. Some people can’t hold back tears when they see or hear something like this. And it is they who are trying to help our four-legged brothers and sisters.

So it happened with the heroine of our story. A caring person appeared in her life who saved her and her children’s lives. She has suffered a lot in her life, but she met a woman with a kind heart and the dog’s life changed. When the animal rights activist saw the animal, she looked at her with pleading eyes.

The dog’s condition was terrible and it was unclear what she was feeding her puppies at all since she had not eaten for many days. The dog literally could no longer stand but continued to feed her babies.

The woman, without hesitation, decided to save the animals. She gave the puppies to good people. And she took the dog to the vet. The veterinary clinic started treating the animal. After the dog’s condition got better, she was sterilized.

Now she is playing again, running and eating normally. She has kind owners who take care of her.

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