The owners did not understand why the dog did not move away from the pit. Later the reason was found out

The dog lay near a hole in the ground and looked closely at it. The owners were confused about what might have lured their pet to the pit in the middle of the lawn, so they decided to lay low and observe. After seeing what Fiona was waiting for, people were amazed.

Fiona is a representative of the Pyrenean mountain dogs. Representatives of this breed grow up large, smart, and differ in attachment to the owners. On the contrary, animals are afraid of strangers, especially strangers from the animal world. Fiona is a very calm and gentle dog, according to the owners, aggression is not peculiar to her at all, and very peculiar tastes are what other dogs will perceive as a toy or, food, Fiona considers her friend.

The dog is not just not afraid of pets, she loves them selflessly and shows unrestrained sympathy for any living being. Rodents and birds do not awaken hunting instincts in Fiona, on the contrary, she quickly takes a liking to them and tries in every way to show her friendship.

Pyrenean mountain dogs have never been trained for hunting, they used to be shepherds, and today they are considered companion dogs. Perhaps that’s why Fiona is very attached to all living things. The girl gives special preference to rodents. It was Fiona who was waiting for her friend at the hole on the lawn, and as the dog’s owners found out, the gopher responded with mutual sympathy.

It seems that the friendship of a small gopher and a huge dog is simply impossible, but this couple proved that there are no barriers to sympathy.

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