Woman finds box of puppies in 110-degree desert

What began as a jolly journey turned into a life-altering rescue mission when the woman found in the desert a box with puppies.

Paige Rico enjoyed her first solo trip from California through Utah. On the way, she stopped to enjoy a lot of scenes and go on a hike. Everything was running smoothly until she stopped to explore a desert site in Utah.

Walking on a summer’s day at 110 degrees, she noticed a box. Coming to the box, Paige realized that there were three tiny puppies inside! They were all alive and moving, but she knew they wouldn’t live long if she didn’t get them out of the heat.

Paige immediately took them to the nearest animal hospital. The veterinarian was able to examine them immediately and determined that they were severely dehydrated and hungry, but otherwise in good health. Two of the puppies weighed 4 pounds, and the third puppy, a little one, weighed only 2 pounds.

After their evaluation, the vet told Paige that she could take the puppies home or take them to the shelter. Not wanting to stress the puppies at the orphanage, Paige decided to take all three dogs home and find them their own homes.

It took two days to get home with all three puppies in tow. Talking to Dodo, Paige explained that as soon as she got home, life became chaotic. Taking care of three puppies is not an easy feat!

They were energetic and playful and had to be potty trained and socialized. It was a lot of work, but Paige got through it and even found two of the puppies a loving home together!

The third puppy, Breck, was the smallest in the litter. He was shyer than the other two, and he developed a deep connection with Paige, who struggled with the idea of letting him go. So she decided to adopt little Breck and offer him a loving home – and now they’re going on amazing adventures together!

Speaking with The Dodo, Paige said, “Even though I saved the puppies, I felt like they saved me, emotionally, because they instantly made me have so much purpose.”

She shares updates on social media of her new life with Breck and it seems they’re both living their best lives.

Watch the video below:

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