Touching scene of a dog saying goodbye to its owner, who took care of it for 4 years

Dogs are real friends of people. Dogs show their loyalty even when they are away from their owners.

A dog named Buboy approaches its owner’s tombstone, and this scene is touching. Its owner was no ordinary man.

Professor Carmelito Marcelo of Mabalakat City College in Pampanga, Philippines was a man who cared for a puppy named Buboy.

He just looked after a sweet creature for four years. He gave it care and love, true loyalty. They even became friends with it.

They did everything together. The dog was always near its owner. Unfortunately, the owner felt ill and was sick. The dog kept waiting for the owner after he died. The dog was so loyal.

A colleague of the professor has decided to take the puppy to its owner for a final visit. Marcelo’s health has deteriorated. Two weeks later, the professor died.

The professor’s friends brought the puppy to the tombstone so the dog could say goodbye to him. The dog lay on a gravestone and refused to leave its owner.

It’s a true example that dogs are loyal and true friends. They always remember their true owners.

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