The dog began to dig under the abandoned stove, and a growl was heard from there. The owner looked in there

A young owner was walking her dog near a country village. The dog loved to walk in these places. Of course, because it could run around and frolic. There are so many interesting places, not like in an urban metropolis.

Suddenly, the animal began to show increased interest in the abandoned slab. The dog started rummaging under it. The owner heard her pet growling loudly. She looked and saw a little puppy. It didn’t look more than a month and a half old. It’s scary to leave such a baby alone. After all, it was in danger near the forest. The girl took the baby with her.

This girl is a volunteer from our team. Her name is Anya. Thus, the puppy ended up in our shelter. Now, this is the most handsome dog that went to exhibitions.

Unfortunately, it did not go to exhibitions for long. It turned out that the dog is very afraid of unfamiliar surroundings. Maybe it’s related to its childhood trauma. It is already impossible to find out the real reason.

When the dog was a baby, many visitors were interested in it, but we could not find a new owner for the dog. At the moment, the dog lives with us in a comfortable booth.

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