A rescued kangaroo hugs non-stop the people who saved it. This lovely creature is even known as a “hugging kangaroo”.

There’s Abigail, also known as the “hugging kangaroo”. This kangaroo is a very grateful, loving, and loyal kangaroo who was saved by humans.

The volunteers rescued the kangaroo when it was five and they took it to Central Australia, the Alice Springs Kangaroo Reserve.

The incident occurred 15 years ago, and since then the hugging kangaroo has been the “Queen of the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary”.

You’ll notice that while many of the rescued kangaroos spend their time wandering around the sanctuary in search of food and enjoying themselves, the Abigail kangaroo is different from them.

It loves to spend its time hugging those guardians and kind-hearted people who saved it. Its hugs are beautiful, sincere, and warm.

Every day this kangaroo begins with a hug, and no one could imagine what life looked like before these warm hugs.

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