A man rescued a stray dog, even though the ice could soon crack

With the onset of frost for homeless animals, the problem of heating and feeding becomes especially acute and human help is sometimes decisive in saving the lives of four-legged vagrants. Another seasonal problem is that dogs fall through the fragile ice in reservoirs and often cannot get out of the icy water on their own. Today we will tell you about a caring person who saved a mongrel from a pond in the Volgograd region.

To be more precise, the dog owes the rescue primarily to children who saw two dogs fall through the ice a few meters from the shore. One dog managed to get out on his own, but the second, massive and shaggy, only whined plaintively and floundered in the cold water.

Crying children attracted the attention of adults, and one of the women remembered a familiar person who swims in this place in all the weather, and they called and asked for help. Yuri Mihajlovich arrived very quickly, he took off his clothes and crawled through the weak ice to the exhausted animal.

Fortunately, a small pond is not too deep for a person, because the ice cracked already in the middle of the lifeguard’s path. Once in the icy water, Yuri Mikhailovich had to break through the crust to get to the dog. He managed to save the poor animal.

The dog, picked up by the man, barely got out on a strong piece of ice, exhausted and scared, it froze in place. It took some effort for the Savior to get it to move. However, the shock of the animal soon passed, despite the desire of people to warm it up and bring it to its senses, it shook itself thoroughly and ran away from the unreliable ice.

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