The man was picked up by an ambulance, and the dog was guarding the owner’s belongings all night

The story of a devoted friend, witnessed by the inhabitants of Lviv, quickly spread in the net, and its protagonist was nicknamed local Hachiko.

In the winter, near midnight, an ambulance team took an unidentified man to the hospital. A man fell at a bus stop and seriously injured his head. The dog with whom the man went for a walk at this late hour remained in place and looked after the owner’s belongings, which were still lying outside.

The dog was on the street for hours when it was discovered by the staff of the zoo protection organization. One of the volunteers came to the scene and tried to take the animal, but it did not allow the girl to approach either itself or the owner’s belongings.

Волонтеры немедленно начали поиски хозяев животного, но они не дали никаких результатов. Они решили, что собаку следует забрать с улицы, и, несмотря на сопротивление животного, его отвезли в местный приют. Волонтеры не теряли надежды и продолжали искать хозяев собаки, но все звонки в больницы были напрасны.

The search of the owner of the animal took several days, during which time the staff of the shelter nicknamed the dog Hachiko. Soon, the volunteers managed to find the man’s neighbors, who helped the volunteers find his daughter. The woman took Sirko, that’s the name of the dog, from the orphanage, it’ll be waiting at home for the owner.

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