Puppies froze during a blizzard, but were afraid to approach people

There was a heavy snowstorm that day. There were almost no people in sight on the snow-covered streets, no one even dared to take pets out for a walk. A stray dog and her little puppies had a very hard time in this weather.

The man was hurrying down the street, trying to hide from the snow as soon as possible, when he heard someone whining softly. Despite the fact that he didn’t have much time, the man stopped and called rescuers. Volunteers arrived almost immediately to check the situation.

From the cold and blizzard, a dog and her puppies hid in the chimney. Mother was afraid to go out at first, but soon realized that for her and the babies it was the only hope of surviving a blizzard and not only allowed people to come up to her, but she began to greet rescuers, wagging her tail and coming up so that people could pet her.

The volunteers decided that they just needed to take the dog to the shelter and were about to leave when a squeak was heard from the pipe again. Shining a flashlight, people saw that puppies were hiding inside. The kids huddled close to each other, trying to calm down and warm up.

Neither the people nor the mother helped lure the babies out of the tube. They were so scared, they didn’t even go out to the food offered by the volunteers. To lure the babies out, the pipe was blocked and on one side the rescuers began to push them with a twig. The puppies went straight to the people.

Mom and the puppies were placed in the car, and the volunteers started to tour the area to make sure they didn’t miss a single member of this little family.

As soon as the search was completed, the animals went to the veterinarian, and then to the shelter. For mom and kids, even the conditions of the shelter seem ideal. But very soon, employees will start looking for new homes and owners for them, where they will finally become happy.

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