They wanted to give the pregnant dog a “last injection”, but the girl was already on her way to the shelter for the dog

In Savannah, Rebecca Lynch and her husband were on holiday. On their way home from Georgia, the couple made a short stop on the road. Although everyone’s on holiday carrying souvenirs, Rebecca knew she wanted something more important to remember her journey.

There are many animal shelters in the state where they rested, which is why the girl decided to help one of the local pets and give it a house. There was enough space in the car to take a four-legged traveler.

Preparing for such a step, Rebecca read about a terrier named Lizzie, who miraculously escaped euthanasia. Knowing that the animal would be euthanized in the shelter, the previous owners gave Lizzie there, who was also pregnant. In addition to all the misfortunes, the animal broke its leg.

Rebecca realized that such a small animal had suffered too much and decided that it needed a home and loving owners more than others. Lizzie left the Georgia shelter in the backseat of the Lynch family’s car, sitting comfortably on a blanket that had been saved for it.

For the first few hours in the car, the dog was very nervous but then realized that people would not harm it. The unexpected happened on the road – Lizzie went into labor. Maybe its time to become a mom has already come, or maybe it finally felt that these people would take care not only of it but also of the babies.

Rebecca, barely becoming the owner of the animal, also tried on the role of a midwife, helping the dog and taking care of its babies.

On the way to the Vet Clinic, Lizzie gave birth to three puppies, and another was born during the reception and under the care of doctors. The last two babies were born on the road.

Lizzie and its babies are healthy, but they had to be left at the vet for a few days so that the doctors could conduct a full examination. After the clinic, the family goes to their new home, where the Lynches are already arranging everything for the comfort of mom and its children. When the puppies grow up and get stronger, the girl will find good owners for each of them.

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