Sick and bald puppies huddled closely together. They were all alone in the forest

It was freezing, damp, and bitterly cold outside. One man went to work and found six freezing puppies. The kids urgently needed help.

The crumbs had almost no wool cover. To warm up a little, they pressed their bodies against each other. It is unclear how these babies ended up in the woods without a mother.

The poor souls even had cracked skin from a long stay in the cold. The man who found them had a kind soul. He couldn’t leave them to die and took them to one of Alabama’s shelters. The staff was shocked by the condition of the animals.

The puppies smelled so bad that the employees had to wear masks to bathe them. The crumbs also had scabies, severe exhaustion, and frostbite. Because they had no wool cover, it was unrealistic to recognize the breed. The orphanage suggested that dogs would be small when they grew up. They were treated for scabies, and after treatment, they found people who took the puppies into temporary care.

The babies were split up and sent to two families, who kindly agreed to help. The dogs needed special care, and these people were willing to provide it.

The healing baths and the right diet have done their job. The puppies got better.

When their fur was restored, it became clear that these lovely crumbs are representatives of the Pyrenean breed.

Now their health is good, these babies have a great appetite, they’re fast and playful. Now we have to find loving families for them.

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