The girl heard someone crying from the swamp. It turned out to be a puppy tied to a tree

When your home is near swamps, you eventually stop responding to outside noises.

Jessica Claiborne, a resident of Zebulon, North Carolina, is also used to such sounds.

She had long since stopped responding to the noise coming from the swamp, but this time it was different. While doing household chores in the yard, she heard unusual sounds similar to someone crying.

The girl did not hesitate for a second, decided to find the source of these unusual sounds. She had to walk through the swamp through the reeds.

Jessica found a puppy.

маленький щенок на руках

In the middle of the swamp, there was a small piece of land on which a puppy was sitting.

The puppy was covered in mud and tied with a tight rope to a tree that tightly squeezed its neck.

Jessica had to go into a swamp where her legs were knee-deep. She had no other choice, there was no one to help the unfortunate animal. When she got to the puppy, she freed the puppy from the noose. She was lucky to have a pocket knife with her.

It was obvious that there was a man involved.

щенок спит в клетке

The girl gave the puppy the nickname Nash. How much time it spent in the swamp is hard to say, but in the meantime, the rope cut the dog’s neck in the blood, and the beetles covered the poor dog’s hair and ears.

In the swamp, he would be slaughtered by predatory animals or die from lack of water and drink.

Jessica took the puppy to her home.

больной щенок

First of all, the girl took it to the veterinary clinic. There she found out that it was no more than two months old. it needed a course of antibiotics.

A week later, Nash got better.

Soon, from a timid puppy, it turned into a fun pet that loves people and other dogs very much.

But, according to the temporary owners, the puppy could not completely get rid of the feeling of fear and distrust.

щенок на прогулке

The owners also claim that Nash is deaf, as he does not react to sounds at all. But veterinarians give good chances to restore hearing.

Today, permanent owners have already been found for Nash, who will soon take it to a new home.

I want to believe that the puppy will never be alone again.

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