A female wolf rescued a puppy tied to a tree in the forest

Wandering through the forest in search of food, the wolf came across a small puppy tied to a tree with a rope. There was no water or food next to the animal, it looked exhausted and close to death. The she-wolf recently had her babies and maternal instinct did not allow her to leave the puppy alone to certain death.

The wolf chewed the rope with her teeth, took its end in her teeth, and led the baby into her lair. So the little puppy found its family in the middle of the woods. The dog grew up with the wolves and soon became a beautiful, biganimal.

There was a farmhouse not far from the forest. The owner of the house, Ivan, was collecting medicinal herbs and therefore often visited the forest. On another trip for herbs, he took his dog named Bertha with him. This time an unexpected event happened in the thicket – Ivan and Bertha were surrounded by wolves. Among the wolf pack, Ivan saw a large dog, it was the dog who gave the rest of the animals some kind of sign, and they moved away from the man.

Soon this dog began to appear frequently near Ivan’s house. It walked around, but it didn’t get close to the person. It took the man some time to gradually tame the animal, but as soon as the dog realized that nothing was threatening it, it stayed with the farmer and guarded his house․

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