“I don’t need it anymore, deal with it yourself”: the tenant moved out, leaving the dog

Due to the difficult financial situation, the family had to rent one of the rooms in their apartment. Recently, a tenant and his dog lived there. They rented a room on the condition that the young man takes care of the dog himself and it will not cause problems.

One day, after returning from work, the household found that the room was open, the lodger and his belongings were gone, but the dog was in its place. A note left by the man stated that the problems forced him to leave town, and the dog did not fit into his new plans. He left the fate of the pet to the owners of the apartment.

In response to attempts to call and talk to the former tenant, the landlords heard only beeps. When the first indignation had passed, it was time to find a solution. Two dogs in the family already live, to maintain a third is very expensive, but they don’t want to throw a dog on the street or give it to the first person they meet.

The dog is kind and playful, well trained, although the previous owner did not train. Despite everything, the temporary owners believe they can find a good home for this dog.

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