A stray cat desperately asked to enter the firefighters’ building, because it was freezing on the street, and it was barely moving

About a month ago, a stray cat froze outside in freezing weather. The poor animal didn’t know how to be or who to ask for help. Kitty came to the windows of the fire station and started banging on them with her paws.

The man on duty at the fire station was surprised by the appearance of a fluffy guest. When he came to the window, he saw the baby looking right at him.

“It was very cold that night, and it was standing outside the window. When one of our employees went outside, it ran towards him”.

For a long time, the cat stayed inside the windows of the fire department. It sat there and did not leave its post.

It was noticeable from the kitty that it was homeless, which means the baby had nowhere to go. The fire service staff let the cat into the room, as they understood that it would freeze in the cold. In a warm room, the kitty managed to get a better look. It had dirty fur. The animal really wanted to eat, as soon as the food was brought, the cat attacked it. Then it thanked the breadwinners with a contented purr.

The fire chief named Kelvin decided to take care of the cat. Four cats already lived in his house and he decided to take temporary custody of the heroine of our story. The man brought the cat to the clinic for examination. The vet said the cat froze its ears a little. Other than that, it was fine. The cat was called Ellen.

The fire chief put an ad on social media about the cat he found. Maybe someone lost their favorite pet? But no one responded. He took it back to the clinic to get the necessary vaccinations.

Also, doctors found ticks in the cat’s ears and performed surgical treatment. It is worth noting that during the medical examinations Ellen did not resist. There was a feeling that it was enjoying the human attention that it had previously lacked.

At first, the firemen wanted to leave Ellen at the fire station and take care of it  together, but it turned out there were weekends when there was no one there.

So they put an ad on social media that they were looking for an owner for Ellen. The cat was sterilized. The new owner was quickly found.

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