A woman invites a pregnant stray cat to her house and helps her give birth to 5 cute kittens

An internet user named Zeybor recently shared some photos of a mother stray cat giving birth to 5 cute kittens on social media. The cute and sweet photos quickly went viral and captured everyone’s hearts.

People couldn’t get enough of their cuteness and sweetness.

According to Zeybor, her mother let this pregnant stray cat to her home and helped her give birth to the lovely and healthy kittens. This stray cat is not the only one who was helped and cared for by her mom. Before, she invited many stray cats and animals into her house.

This is the first stray cat that gave birth at her mother’s house. They had 2 more pregnant cats after this one. Zeybor thinks that cats love her mother’s house.


We are happy to know that the stray cat and her babies are living their best life at their new house. For stray pets, all thing they need is a shelter that can give them warmth, safety, and food.

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