A couple finds a tiny kitten on the road and gives her a loving home

One day, Jacob and Beverly were on their way to Starbucks when they spotted something special on the road. They didn’t think the little thing was a kitten until they saw it moving, crawling, and wiggling.

At that moment, they knew they had to do something to help the poor kitten, so they picked her up and brought her home.

The kitten couldn’t walk and crawl, so the couple took her to a local vet to check out her health. They cleaned her, fed her, and comforted her to make her feel safe and warm. They didn’t want to give her to someone who they couldn’t trust, so they decided to keep her and named her Macchiato.

It took her a few weeks to acclimate. Under the love and care of the couple, she started to play and was able to come out and be social with the other animals.

She’s incredibly curious, friendly and wants love and attention all the time. She is definitely a big cuddle bug.

Macchiato has a furry sister named Doris who loves her so much. Doris welcomes the little baby into the pack, teaches her how to groom efficiently, and makes sure she is fully clean. She also teaches Macchiato how to kind of deal with the family dog. Macchiato is a good part of the family.

Thankfully, the three animals are really close and usually hang out. Special thanks to Jacob and Beverly for sharing Macchiato’s story and keeping her.

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