An old dog left tied to a wall gets a taste of freedom

It’s always sad when animals are neglected and ignored. Sometimes people get them with the intention of setting them up for a sad life, but sometimes people get animals with the intention of caring for them. As the years pass, they get put on the back burner and forgotten about.

Regardless of why an animal is being neglected, it’s a heartbreaking situation. Some animals live out their whole lives without ever knowing love, but some animals are rescued from their awful situations before it’s too late.

That was the case with a lonely old dog who wasn’t even given a name. Rescuers with Let’s Adopt International responded to the call regarding a dog who’d been left tied to a chain for years.

The poor dog had spent the majority of her life tied to a chain, surrounded by machinery and old work equipment. It wasn’t a safe situation for the senior pup and definitely wasn’t good for her mental and physical health.

Rescuers were able to take the dog and get her to a veterinarian’s office where she could be properly assessed and groomed. Her fur was incredibly matted, and she had several cancerous tumors, according to a press release by the rescue organization.

They were able to remove all but one of the tumors and gave her a name: Maria. They guessed Maria only had 6-7 months to live due to her cancer, but they were determined to give her the best few months of life possible.

Many organizations would’ve euthanized a dog that was so close to death, but they bought her months of life so she could have a taste of freedom in her golden years.

Maria went on to live with a foster mom, Linda, and her other dogs.

Linda allowed Maria to experience what life with a family can be like, surrounded by love and people who care for her.

Maria loved life with Linda and her doggy siblings. She went on to exceed all health expectations and lived 18 months! It was the best 18 months of her life and she passed away in peace, having lived out the last of her golden days in bliss.

Watch the video below to see Maria enjoying life in the months before her passing:

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