It survived on the street in a sock in the cold and rain

The owners decided to get rid of the cat and left it near Smolensk. The pet was not adapted to life on the street, did not know where to hide from the rain and frost. The animal found a warm place on the pipes right on the street, not far from residential buildings.

So it survived by clinging to warm pipes, first in the cold rain, and then in frosts. People living nearby fed the cat.

The cat was left in the area in November. By December, the animal had become very ill. One woman knitted it something like a sweater sock. The outfit was warm.

The woman could not take the cat to her, so she decided to help it somehow by knitting a warm sweater.

She put clothes on the cat, and it didn’t even resist. At that time, it was already very ill. It stopped eating, just lay in one place.

When I got there, I couldn’t leave the cat. A sweater wasn’t bad, but it wouldn’t have saved its life. The pet caught a bad cold, wheezed, and sneezed.

Underneath its clothes, it started to have skin problems. First, the cat lay all day long, sleeping warm. I carried it in my hands to eat and took it to the toilet.

The veterinarian also found an umbilical hernia in the cat.

The treatment took a long time. The pet’s condition improved, it began to go out to the rest of the animals, of which I have 65. And now it likes to play a little with kittens.

The cat needs to pass tests, and then do two operations in a row: castration and suturing of the umbilical hernia. And an X-ray is also needed to find out what condition its lungs are in, is it possible to perform operations?

Only after that, it will be possible to look for a new home for the cat.

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