The cat often went to the cafe where it was fed, but once it came with a note attached to the collar

The beauty named Moon has a Siberian breed, but by the will of fate she ended up in Britain. The cat is no longer young, she is already 11 years old. This beauty loved to visit a local restaurant. She would come to the door and sit quietly. Employees and visitors of the cafe already knew her, so they treated her to something delicious all the time.

But once Moon was accused of fraud. It turned out that the cunning fluffy cat leads a double life.

Naturally, the restaurant employees did not know where the pet lived. But they liked the kitty, she never came dirty, always licked her fur well, and never allowed herself to yell at the door, irritating the guests of the restaurant. Only very subtly and quietly reminded that she was there when someone came out.

The kitty ate very carefully what she was treated to and then left. No one knew where she had gone.

But one of the waiters wanted to find out more about the mysterious guest. Does anyone take part in her life? If she has no one, then they need to find a good family for the kitty before winter comes. The young man put a collar on the cat and attached a note to it. The cat left again in an unknown direction, not realizing that changes would soon take place in her life.

And she returned after the cafe to her house, where her family, the Cole couple, lived. The owner saw the note and after reading it, was shocked. In the letter, the waiter wanted to know if Moon has a house and if so, why does she come to eat at the cafe? The woman’s husband was also outraged, because they spent a lot of money on the cat, not sparing, fed her only high-quality food, regularly visited the veterinarian. However, the cat preferred restaurant food and did everything very cleverly.

The owners decided to follow Moon. They found out that she came not only to the cafe but also visited the nursing home. The old ladies were so happy with their visitor and treated her to the most delicious pieces of meat.

The couple decided to expose the deceiver. They published her pictures on the web and wrote that their pet eats well, she lives in the house and does not need to be fed.

Users were only delighted by the cat’s ingenuity. Now the owners try not to let Moon out of the house, but she still runs away and immediately hurries to her favorite restaurant for goodies. The couple even went there to assure everyone that this sly one did not need to be fed. And who do you think they met there?))

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