Fishermen saw an incomprehensible creature on an ice floe, but realizing who it was, they began ramming the ice floe with a vessel

It happened near the island of Labrador, which is located in Canada. The sailors who were catching crabs on the ship noticed something unusual. On a block of ice lay a strange creature of tiny size. At first, the sailors thought it was a small seal. However, when they got closer, they saw that they were mistaken. A baby Arctic fox was lying on a block in the open sea. The animal was very cold, it was wet and chilled. It was clear that the cub was on the verge of life and death.

The baby came to the ice to find food for itself, but an accident happened to it. The ice floe floated into the open sea. The ship approached the ice block. The sailors decided that they had to save this defenseless creature. In this case, it was impossible to wait a minute, because the baby could die from cold and exhaustion.

At first, the ship’s workers tried to call the fox cub, but it did not react to the sound in any way. Firstly, the baby was afraid of people, and secondly, it was too weak and exhausted. It did not want to let a single person near it, so it was not possible to lure the animal to the ship.

The fishermen showed ingenuity. They decided to ram the iceberg with a ship, push the poor fox into the sea, and then catch it using a fishing net. It should be noted that this is a very extraordinary catch in the open sea. It is a pity that next to the sailors there was no such faithful companion as the dog Chuck, who was always ready to help those who were drowning.

The fox was allocated a plastic box and promptly arranged a house in it. To make it more comfortable, sawdust was poured there. It was even given a personal mug. Then the sailors began to offer the animal chips and cookies, but it did not want to eat anything.

Fortunately, everything ended well. The baby was saved, and people did a good deed, which can be called a real miracle. When the baby recovered from the shock, its behavior changed. People continued to take care of it. The baby was provided with good care. A little time passed, and the fox cub fully recovered. It enjoyed eating Bavarian sausages and playing with the sailors. Also, it stopped being afraid of people and calmly walked around on the ship.

The fishermen became attached to the animal and fell in love with it. They liked it for its spontaneity and kind disposition. When the ship sailed to land, the animal was released into its natural habitat. The moment when the fox cub runs away into the wild was even captured on video. This video turned out to be very emotional and touching.

The kid got out of the box and went in the direction of the mountain range.

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