The street cat could no longer tolerate the pain, so it turned to people for help

A red-haired cat suddenly appeared on the porch of a private house. He tucked his paws under him as if hiding them. People didn’t understand what the reason was until they got close to him. It was obvious that it was very painful for the cat to walk and he no longer had the strength to endure this pain.

The story took place in the USA. A stray cat wandered into the yard of a private house. He strongly tucked his front paws under him. When people got close to the animal, they saw that his paws were injured. The cat needed urgent veterinary care. The owners of the house immediately took him to the rescue center.

Employees of the organization called the cat a Booster. The vets said he was about ten years old.

Booster didn’t look good. He looked worried and very unhappy. And after visiting the doctor, the staff of the national rescue center found out that every step of the cat would be very painful. It turned out that he had a rare disease. The pads on his paws swelled and became soft. This can lead to ulcers, and then to bleeding and lameness.

Every day, the red-haired fluffy was changed bandages and given antibiotics. He endured everything very steadfastly.

Indeed, Booster turned out to be a very calm cat. He endured all the necessary procedures with great patience. With each dressing of the paws, he began to purr loudly. It was as if he understood that everything was being done in order for him to recover.

After a few weeks, the cat’s paws fully recovered and the staff of the shelter began to look for a home for him. Staff say that this cat loves affection and attention, so he’ll be a great pet.

And the cat shows that he is very pleased with that. That he’s healthy now!

Two months later, excellent owners were found for the Booster.

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