The owner of the dog spent $ 400 and found out that his dog was limping not because of illness at all

Sometimes our pets surprise us – that’s a fact, but they all do it differently. Russell Jones is a London resident whose budget has been affected by the surprise of his dog. A dog named Billy suddenly started limping, even though it wasn’t a problem before. The doctor quickly discovered the cause of the limp, and the answer was staggering.

Russell reveals that when he found Billy’s limp, he waited a few days before going to the veterinary hospital. The owner was sure that the dog couldn’t have injured his paw or damaged it anywhere because he would have noticed. So he assumed it was a foreign object inside.

Russell paid $400 for the tests, but the doctor’s verdict impressed him.Billy is absolutely healthy, and he limps of his own accord. Rather, the animal imitates lameness to be like Russell, because he also limps.

So the dog was fine. He was limping only because he saw the owner suffer from the disease. Often, pets imitate the disease in order to get a treat or affection from the owner, but Billy did so solely as a sign of solidarity with Russell.

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