A man with his six-year-old son Ivan rescued more than 100 homeless animals

The Shapranov family lives in Vladikavkaz. The boy Vanya from early childhood showed interest in animals and always helped them, if necessary.

The beginning of this story was the visit of Ivan and his father to an animal shelter. They were looking for a puppy as a gift to Ivan’s younger sister. The first thing that struck them was the unsuitable conditions for keeping animals. Since then, Vanya and his father can not pass by the destitute animals.

Today, their apartment has turned into a temporary shelter for many destitute animals. The father supports his son in everything. They take care of the animals together and then look for loving owners for them. Somehow they had up to 30 cats at the same time.

The family spends its own money on the treatment and maintenance of animals. Also, their good deed is often supported by sponsors, to whom they keep a full report on spending.

Father and son have created a special page on Instagram, with the help of which they are looking for a loving family for their rescued animals.

On this page, you can find all the information about animals that need a family.

It’s always hard for a boy to part with his pets. So, the first animal he saved from death, he kept for himself. It’s his favorite cat, Funtic, who’s been with them since he was a kitten.

One day, the family decided to calculate how many animals they had saved. The number went over 100.

These people are helping poor animals in a completely selfless way. They are following the heart. Saving animals from dying makes our world a little kinder.

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