The emaciated puppy ran up to every passerby to ask for food, and everyone passed by.

Animals living on the street are rarely attractive. More often they are skinny and dirty, with traces of diseases on the body, so passers-by try to move away from them and pretend that they simply do not notice four-legged beggars.

That’s what everyone did to a stray puppy. He ran up to people in the hope of help, but they preferred to ignore the animal.

The puppy ran near the busy highway and sooner or later could be on the road, but fate was pleased to send him a guardian angel who saved him from a sad fate.

A man spotted the dog running from side to side. He was the first to not only walk by but share his food with the dog. The delighted animal began to fawn on the man. The man could not take the dog to his home, especially since it was obvious to the naked eye that he needed treatment. The guy called the zookeepers and stayed with the dog to wait for them to arrive.

The dog was taken to a shelter and shown to a veterinarian. He was treated for parasites and several illnesses he had earned while living on the street. It was the first time in his life that a dog had enough to eat.

For caring, the animal thanks the volunteers with its weasel and playfulness. The staff of the orphanage say that they have not seen such good dogs in a long time — the dog takes care of the newcomers, helps to reconcile the pets who have fallen out, very likes all who come to look after or play with the wards of the orphanage. Now the dog is trying to find a family that can love this peculiar dog.

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