A white cat without one ear waves his paw to each visitor of the shelter to be taken home

In one of the shelters, you can observe a very touching picture. A white cat, which lacks one ear, waves affably to all visitors to the shelter. The animal really wants to find a home and loving owners.

The nickname of the cat is Jumper. His age is nine months. This is a very young cat. With the owners of the Jumper, there was a tragedy, they were in an accident with a terrible outcome.

After that, the cat became one of the wards of the shelter. This cat was very affectionate and kind from the very beginning. He climbed into people’s arms and purred sweetly. It was obvious that the cat was used to the attention and affection of people. The cat was given to veterinarians for a medical examination, then he was castrated. After that, the Jumper lay in his room and rested.

However, this fellow did not plan to lie down for a long time, he had a goal – to find loving owners for himself. Therefore, as soon as the effect of anesthesia came to an end, the cat began to run around the shelter, attracting people’s attention.

All the people who passed by the cat’s room saw him waving his paw affably. The doctor said that in childhood the cat was severely injured, so it will not be possible to restore his ear. However, the absence of an ear did not prevent him from charming everyone who met him on the way. The cat was loved by all the staff of the shelter for his kindness and extraordinary energy.

One happy day, a couple from Alaska visited the orphanage. They immediately chose The Jumper, although there were many other cats at the orphanage. The couple said that this handsome cat won their hearts.

Even though the cat had no ear, these people took the cat. They had love at first sight. The jumper reciprocated. As soon as his future owners entered the room, the cat began to show everyone that he wanted to go with them.

Now this friendly family is happy together.

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