A life story when a dachshund was able to protect its owner from a forest beast

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal friends that we humans can have. It is dogs that protect people from a variety of situations. No other pet rushes at the detractors of its owner as zealously as dogs do. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a big dog or a small one. They all behave the same way.

Not only Shepherds selflessly stand up for their owners. Dachshunds, for example, do the same. One little dachshund did just that. She protected the owner from a very impressive «detractor»: the very real bear that jumped out of the way of the woman! It’s hard to find someone who’s never heard of this amazing dog.

It happened in 2014. When Crystal returned, Daisy, her little dachshund, was sitting on the lawn outside the house and patiently waiting. The dog loved its owner very much and always met her. But then the unexpected happened: a bear appeared out of nowhere.

The woman was very scared and she screamed. This only provoked the bear more, and it began to move towards the woman. Crystal squeezed her eyes shut, not knowing what was going to happen, but suddenly she heard loud barking. Daisy threw herself at the bear, intending to save her owner, no matter what it took! The animals started fighting. Surprisingly, Daisy managed to win, despite all the wounds that the predator inflicted on her. The bear ran away, and the frightened Crystal urgently took her pet to the vet, hoping that it was not too late.

This story quickly spread on the Internet. People were incredibly touched by little Daisy’s dedication. They started collecting money to pay for her treatment. As a result, Crystal received more than five thousand US dollars. To date, Daisy and her owner live happily. The dog was able to survive, she is very cheerful, just the same as before. Crystal and her whole family love her very much and try to provide the little savior with everything necessary.

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