A dog takes a new blanket outside to share it with a frozen stray dog

At times, this world can seem like a harsh and cruel place. That’s why stories about love and compassion are so important to our lives. In this touching story, the hero turns out to be one of our loyal furry friends. Lana, a female dog from Brazil, did not hesitate to help an animal that was less fortunate than her.

This is Lana:

Одеяло для бездомных Lana Chien

There was a time when Lana was homeless. Unlike many other dogs in her neighborhood, Lana was lucky enough to meet a loving family. The 8-month-old little dog was adopted by Suellen Schaumloffel and her fiance.

Одеяло для бездомных Lana Chien

However, instead of forgetting about her unhappy past, Lana seems to be taking care of the stray dogs that live nearby.

Одеяло для бездомных Lana Chien

Stray dogs in the area where Lana lives certainly have a hard time living. They live outdoors without shelter or adequate food. When Lana’s owner gave her a comfortable blanket, she probably couldn’t imagine what Lana would decide to do with such a valuable gift.

Lana was resting in her kennel when she suddenly saw a stray dog passing by. She realized that this dog has no home and owners, and approached it with her new blanket. Lana did her best to make the other creature feel good. There are no words to describe the value of this gesture.

Одеяло для бездомных Lana Chien

Schaumloffel was surprised by the kindness of her dog. The dog must have realized that Lana was a real friend because it let her approach it with her little warm gift. Unfortunately, it was too suspicious of people to allow someone else to approach it. It would leave if anyone, including Schomloffel or her partner, tried to approach it.

Hope is still alive for this lonely stray dog. Perhaps over time, after seeing the kindness of such good friends as Lana, it will learn to trust those who want to help it. Meanwhile, at least it knows for sure that it has a loyal friend who really cares about it.

Одеяло для бездомных Lana Chien

What do you think about this story ? Have you ever seen a dog show compassion to another animal? We will be glad to read your opinion in the comments section! Share this inspiring article with your friends and family!

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