They left the puppies in a knotten bag.

Now people who used to be capable of killing an animal have become more progressive. They no longer drown them in water, but leave them at shelters and leave unnoticed, without even ringing the doorbell.

They lurk like nuns who have given birth, who throw children into neighboring villages. But the good thing is that the animals at least remain alive.

So the volunteers of one of the shelters found a gift near the entrance – a bag that was moving.

Dogs who lived in the shelter began to sniff the bag. Volunteers hurried to open it. In the bag there were five puppies, who immediately got out and ran around the yard.

The red-haired baby found his home first.

His brother was also taken away very quickly. Now he’s pretending to be a big boss in a new house. Likes to lie on the windowsill waiting for his owners from work.

But the three sisters had to stay longer in the shelter.

The first of them found her home the most gentle and affectionate baby. She was taken in by a large family living in the private sector. The most interesting thing is that she also likes to lie on the windowsill, like her brother.

The second one that was taken away was a friendly and obedient dog. She was taken by a family with a small child, to whom the dog became the best nanny.

And the tiniest of the dogs was taken by two sisters. They loved her very much and even take the redhead with them on trips. Their pet loves cucumbers.

As you can see, you can attach any animal, there would be a desire. But unfortunately, the former owners did not even try to do this and just got rid of the puppies.

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