People took a pit bull from the shelter, and now he’s being raised by cats

The debate about who is in charge of the house has been going on for a long time, and not many people find an unambiguous answer to this question. Sisters Samantha and Bethany Castiller living in a small American town found the answer to this question, but it was completely unexpected.

There were two cats living in the sisters’ house, but the women wanted a dog too, so they took a two-year-old pit bull named Mako from the orphanage.

As it turned out, the cats were not determined to simply surrender to the mercy of the new tenant, but they also did not make scenes and start quarrels. The animals acted cunningly and soon the women noticed that the cats had raised the pit bull in their own way.

Gentle and kind Mako began to behave like cats.

At first, the owners were afraid of conflicts between animals – they have cats with a complex character, pit bulls are also a breed known for their extraordinary temper, but, to everyone’s surprise, the cats took patronage over the dog.

Over time, Mako began to adopt cat habits, for example, he learned to easily jump not only on the sofa, but also on window sills, countertops and even the refrigerator.

The animals eat and sleep together. The owners enjoy this friendship between animals.

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