The entrepreneur spent all his money rescuing the dogs from the slaughter

China is not the best place for dogs to be loyal to human friends, as thousands of dogs are killed here every year, mainly for food.

Even the dogs will be slaughtered at the Yulin Meat Festival.

In this country, dog meat is considered a traditional dish, it is believed that it improves male fertility, drives away evil spirits and diseases.

A few years ago, entrepreneur Wang Yang lost a dog and was looking for it everywhere.

He traveled all over the region and even visited the slaughterhouses. He was terrified of everything he saw. They dragged dogs, beat them, cut their throats. Then the dogs were skinned, boiled, cut into pieces, and sold for food.

When Yang realized how dogs were treated in China, he decided to save as many dogs as possible.

He invested all his money in building a shelter called Changchun Animal Rescue Base.

The love of animals had a profound impact on the life of Yang, who borrowed money to maintain a shelter to buy food and medicine for his dogs.

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