Despite the fact that Brody is different, he has found a home and will be a therapy dog.

A charming dog has found a family that loves and cares about him, no matter how he looks. He was trained to be a therapy dog and help people with disabilities.

Brody is a dog surrounded by great love, despite the fact that his life was quite complicated because his mother attacked him when he was only 13 days old, disfiguring his face and leaving him partially blind. It should be noted that although his appearance is different from that of others, he still looks good and is on his way to becoming a better therapist dog.

This dog is currently 1 year old, and this is a real Picasso masterpiece. Brody easily melts people’s hearts with his cute appearance.

He is a mix of German Shepherd and Border Collie breeds and was adopted by Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames, who have made him feel loved since they first became part of their family.

очаровательный Броди

After his mother attacked him, the dog found the family but was later sent to the McDonald Kennels Rescue Organization in Alberta, Canada.

Fortunately, now he has met people who love him for who he is. The couple learned about Brody’s story from an online message and, without hesitation, immediately went to the shelter.


Amanda said:

He’s definitely hyperactive but very smart. His brain is fine and he learns tricks in 10 minutes, which tells me he’s a smart puppy.

Щенок Броди

Amanda said:
We hope to someday teach him to be a therapy dog so that he can help other people with disabilities.

Очаровательная собака

Obviously, Brody needed patience and willpower. Now he is trained to help others and has proven to be very intelligent and diligent.

Щенок Броди

The story of this little dog has inspired many people to adopt and give love to animals in need, especially those who are in special conditions and are often rejected.

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