A kitten flew out of the rushing truck on the bridge. The boy without hesitation rushed to the rescue

Gavin Brown helped a kitten who was thrown out of the car right at the interchange of the highway. After such an act, the teenager’s mother allowed him to keep the baby for himself.

Gavin says that he was in the car with his mother, they were just passing the overpass when their car was overtaken by a van and a small cat fell onto the road from it. The animal almost fell off the bridge, but at the last moment managed to catch with the help of claws on the edge.

Gavin asked his mother to stop the car, he immediately jumped out on the road and began to show the other vehicle that it was necessary to stop because there was a risk that as soon as the cat climbed to the top, he would rush just onto the roadway under the wheels of passing vehicles. The drivers understood the situation and the movement became, and Gavin ran to the animal and managed to pick it up before the cat flew into the water.

Mother and son took the cat to the car and immediately went to the veterinarian. The doctor examined the cat and did not find any diseases, it was just very scared. Erin, the boy’s mother, realized that her child genuinely cared for the baby, so the kitten went to live with the Browns.

They decided to call the pet Lucky, and this name fully corresponds to the situation as a result of which it found a family.

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