20-year-old dog still likes to cuddle with his toy banana

For this 20-year-old dog named Tessa, her favorite toy is her plush banana, and she enjoys sleeping with her toy.

Tessa is a little dog-girl who adores her mother, but a human mother, of course, cannot compare with her favorite plush banana, she is happy when she snuggles up to her toy, although it is made only of fabric and stuffing; for her, it is the most precious thing.

The adoptive mother of this little dog, Shanna Lauren, bought her this toy five years ago when another dog that Lauren adopted damaged Tessa’s favorite toy.

Shanna said to Dodo:
I found it in the trash can at the pet store, but I knew it was the size of the toys she liked, and she immediately took the banana when I gave it to her.

собака тесса любит банан плюшевые

When guests come to them, Tessa shows people her precious toy and makes sure that she is seen and praised.

Shanna added:
She wants people to see her toy before they leave, and when she leaves it, she puts it in the bed she thinks is the best.

выставка собак драгоценный банан плюшевый

Her mother also comments:

We ask guests to tell her that they have seen her banana so she can lie down, it’s funny that she is deaf when our friends shout to her: I LOVE YOUR BANANA, TESSA!

собака любит свою банановую чучело

Shanna comments :
She never allowed it to be a ”toy“, this is her little possession and this is her life.

You’re never old enough to cuddle your favorite toy, at least Tessa thinks so and her family finds it adorable.

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