Wandering around in search of water, the dehydrated baby elephant received help in time

Elephants are smart, friendly, and sociable animals. They still have a pure childlike soul, even when they grow up to be giants. Needless to say, elephants are very charming. I lack their appeal and their innocent eyes. But these loving creatures cannot survive in the wild without the care of their mother. They have to fight thirst and hunger. One can wait for the good people to come to their aid and some can’t. None of us want to hear this sad ending.

The elephant in this story was lucky. The poor animal was still wandering for food and water. Fortunately, some truck drivers from AfriAg in Johannesburg, South Africa, noticed the baby and gave it water.

These drivers saw an elephant when they stopped at a collapsed bridge on their way. The baby elephant suddenly appeared from the bushes on the side of the road. They found it exhausted and dehydrated.

These kind people immediately ran up to the elephant and gave it water from their bottle. It seemed that the baby was helped in time.

Then they started looking for any clues about the mother and the elephant herd, but they couldn’t. The baby elephant was alone.

These drivers decided to let the poor baby elephant on one of their trucks and drove to the nearest shelter. Later, the baby elephant was taken to the Botswana Elephant Reserve. During its stay there, it received proper care and treatment. The elephant also had the opportunity to make friends with other elephants in the reserve.

The next few days will be bright. I hope the elephant enjoys living in the reserve. It should thank the good people for saving it. Love and kindness can make this world a better place.

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