A man builds a ramp to help an old dog get into the car

This man is building a special ramp to help his beloved old dog get into the car easily.

Recently, a touching video was published on the Internet, in which you can see the close friendship between a man and his old dog. The video clearly shows how an elderly man from New York patiently helps his beloved pet get into the car.

The great friendship that unites this man and his dog has made him a role model and has been appreciated by thousands of people online who have been touched to see how they support each other.

This beautiful scene was recorded about a year ago by someone who parked right behind this car and witnessed a touching moment, the man did not hesitate to record them and share them with the rest of the world on his social networks.

In the video, you can see a huge love that unites this couple. Although he is also an adult, the man built a ramp to make it easier for his furry friend to get into the trunk of the car.

The scene with these best friends has left countless responses and lots of delightful comments for these wonderful life partners.

The dog will always be your loyal companion, who will be with you in good and bad times for the rest of your life, and we just have to make its life as good as possible.

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