A wild zebra gave birth to a donkey. What does their little baby look like

This happened in Kenya on a farm. This case proves once again that love is the miracle that makes everything possible.

For the villagers who live near the park «Tsavo Oriental» wild animals are something familiar. However, wild animals have little fear of humans and do not get too close to many people’s places.

Last year, an inquisitive young zebra joined the cows. It is surprising that this brave beauty got so far and did not fall into the clutches of predators. Farmworkers escorted the zebra to the village and told people working in the reserve about it. Soon, employees of the organization helping animals arrived and took the traveler to its usual habitat.

The villagers then saw this zebra several times. After a couple of months, it returned, but not on its own. Now the zebra became a young mommy. It turned out that she had a baby from a village donkey who was also on the pasture at the time.

That’s exactly right. Sweet baby is called a zebroid. From its mother, it was given only horizontal bands on its limbs, otherwise, the crumb resembles a donkey. This hybrid can be called an incredible miracle.

Earlier scientists had tried to cross zebras with horses. However, attempts to cross donkeys and zebras failed. These species are completely indifferent to each other. In this case, an exception occurred.

This brave zebra is respected and admired. For the sake of its lover, it parted with its native herd. Also, the young mother was not afraid to go the way to show father their common child. It is not known what guided it, instincts or a sharp mind, but such an act is worthy of respect.

Zoologists who work in the reserve have concluded that it is necessary to leave the mother and its baby on the farm. The thing is, zebras in a herd may not accept or destroy an animal that is different from their own. So now a zebra lives on a farm. It should be noted that it is not held by force. It does not want to leave because it likes to be in the society of livestock. A young mother and its child live in the care of people. These two are often photographed by tourists, so they are used to posing for cameras.

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