A man jumped into the icy water to save a drowning dog

One winter weekend, my friend and I went fishing on the lake. The water was partially covered with ice, but in some places, it was still visible. While we were making a hole, a dog ran past us on the ice. The lake was not frozen enough yet for the ice to withstand the weight of the animal, so after a few seconds, it fell into the icy water.

The dog tried to get out, but the thin ice around could not be used as reliable support, it only broke further, and the dog floundered in the icy water. We couldn’t look at the desperation with which the animal was fighting for life.

My friend did not hesitate to go into the water. He was able to push the dog to the part of the lake where the ice froze quite hard. With my help and grabbing a stick, my friend was able to go ashore himself. All of us together, taking the dog with us, went to warm up in the car. We never continued fishing, but my friend now has a new pet.

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