On New Year’s Eve, the owners kicked out a dog with a blanket. The dog didn’t move a single step away from it.

When the family bought a new home, the first thing they did was throw away the old things. Unfortunately, one of those unnecessary things for them was a dog. They threw it outside, leaving the poor thing with only a blanket.

On the first of January, immediately after the family moved, Marina Tarashevskaya, who is a member of the Dallas DogRRR organization, went for a walk and saw an unfortunate animal.

“It was unpleasant wet weather, and the dog lay down on the blanket and did not want to get up from it” – this is how the woman who is the director of the organization described what she saw. The poor dog still could not believe that it was abandoned by its beloved owners. It thought they just left for a short time and would soon come back for it. The blanket was the only thing that reminded the dog of its owners, so it didn’t want to part with it.

When Marina tried to take the dog, she realized that it would not be so easy. When the woman approached it, the dog immediately ran away. Then Marina made an interesting decision.

As soon as the dog ran away, Marina dragged the blanket closer to her house. It took about an hour and the dog found itself in the backyard of Marina’s house. The woman “raked into an armful” a dog with a blanket and carried it to where it will be cozy and comfortable.

This unusually devoted dog is called Camille. Camille currently lives in a shelter. It is surrounded by love and affection. The dog is distinguished by a calm character, playfulness, and kindness.

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