The children fed a stray dog for six months. It recently thanked us

Usually, a variety of stories are associated with stray animals. One of them happened in a small village. Everything is as usual: an adult dog has arrived in the yard. People did not expel it. The children gave it the name Ginger.

The family tried to find the owner, they asked all over the village, but no one showed up.

At first, Ginger was afraid of everyone and hid at the slightest movement in its direction. It was fed, given porridge, meat, water.

It was in the yard irregularly, often disappeared, but returned again. It was very hungry every time.

A terrible thing happened in the spring. After a long absence, the dog returned with a huge wound and covered in ticks.  The father of the family treated the wound, pulled out the ticks, and was treated it with pills.

During the recovery, Ginger lived at their house. At that moment, it was weak and gradually stopped being afraid of people.

After a long rehabilitation, it ran away again. But after a while, it returned and began to bring mice into the yard. The whole village knew it, the dog often showed up to other residents. They fed it, too, but did not try to tame it.

Ginger went everywhere for the owners who cured it. t was happy to take the woman to the store, to the bus, just walking.

The dog loved to play with children and behaved like a real babysitter.  Never barked at children or got mad at them. It was a pity that sometimes it left them for a long time and ran away in an unknown direction.

One day the owner went to the store, and, of course, Ginger ran with her for company. On the street, they met two dogs that the woman had not seen in the village before and they started running in her direction.

But Ginger did not lose its head and went ahead of the woman. For the first time, she heard how he growls and shows its teeth. The owner realized that with such a dog you can go anywhere. Apparently, this is how it decided to thank people for saving it, and began to protect the woman.  She quickly passed on, and after a while, Ginger caught up with her and they continued on their way.

That’s how everything comes back in life. A dog that could have died a long time ago, as a sign of gratitude at the most unusual moment, showed courage and stood up for the human.

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