For six months, a man comes to the shelter to sleep in an embrace with kittens

The first time Terry came to this shelter was a long time ago, six months ago.

The next time he showed up to help with cat care and brought his comb. After that, Terry started visiting the shelter every day.

In this place, animals are not euthanized if employees do not find a new home and owners for them. Cats don’t live in cages here. Many of the animals kept here have different disabilities. It was for this reason that Terry liked this shelter so much. More than anything, he wanted to help those poor things that people didn’t want to take into their homes.

The founder of the shelter says that Terry immediately offered his help, without demanding payment for his work. When the staff agreed, the man began to come constantly. Gradually, his visits became daily.

Terry even got an interesting habit: sleeping on the couch next to cats, who always willingly lie down on his feet or next to him. Cats love this man very much. Sometimes Terry manages to calm even the most nervous of them by simply paying attention to them.

No one at the shelter objects to a man sleeping next to cats. This does not bother anyone, and the animals are delighted with what is happening.

Terry has been visiting the shelter for a long time as an official volunteer. Now he comes every day, making no exceptions for weekends and holidays.

Usually a man doesn’t sleep for too long. Having rested near his pets, he returns to work, taking responsibility for the duties assigned to him. Cats always get everything they need, thanks to Terry’s sincere affection.

Not long ago, this man became popular on social media. People appreciated his photo with cats. Terry even had a nickname: the cat grandfather. Everyone loved this man very much for his sincerity and loyalty to his four-legged friends. He liked it, even though he can’t explain why he became so famous online.

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