To take a break from the heat, the puppy learned to climb into the refrigerator

The heat can get not only humans but also animals. That’s exactly what happened to a puppy living in Thailand. To hide and take a break from the heat, the baby climbs into the refrigerator. Now the owner has to be more careful and keep an eye on the refrigerator so that the dog does not overcool.

Соджо и его хозяин

A puppy named Mojo lives with a young man in the small town of Lampang. The thermometer has been showing +40 degrees here for several days. The owner of the pet shared that he hates the heat and tries to hide from it. And recently the kid realized that there is an ideal place for this in the house – a refrigerator.

Соджо прячется от изнурительной жары

For the first time, Mojo found himself in the refrigerator randomly: the guy took out the groceries, and when the door closed, the puppy ran up and pushed it with his nose. And he was able to open the door! Next, the baby climbed onto the shelf and lay down comfortably.

After that, Mojo periodically tries to lie down in the refrigerator. Once he even managed to scare his owner: the young man was looking for a puppy all over the house, and then he remembered about the refrigerator. He was already afraid that something had happened to the pet, but he was sleeping quietly in the refrigerator. Now the owner has to keep an eye on the refrigerator, as Mojo regularly climbs in there to hide from the heat.

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