The little kitten was lying on the road. Everyone passed by and didn’t pay attention to it

A little kitten was lying on the road that no one was interested in. It was so alone in this world. Once its mother-cat was thrown out into the street by the owners, it began to live in the basement, where there were many abandoned cats.

The kid remembered that it had a brother and a sister. They disappeared together with the mother cat. The kitten wanted to eat mother’s milk so much. It became so weak that he could not stand on its paws.

Cars were passing nearby, but there was no more fear. There were so many cars, and it didn’t have the strength to get up and step aside. The kid didn’t care anymore.

People practically did not walk here and there was no one to remove it from the road. The baby was covered in dirt and fleas. Its eyes hurt a lot. It was dying, but suddenly a car stopped near it.

A girl came out of it. She picked up the kitten and put it in the back seat of the car. She began to say kind words to it and gently patted its little head. However, the kitten didn’t care anymore.

Sometime later, the baby found itself in a house where it was so warm and cozy, but most importantly, they poured milk into a bowl for it.

After the kitten ate, it was bathed and got rid of fleas. It seemed to the kitten that it found itself in paradise. It was so good for it.

A week later, it no longer remembered the dirty basement in which the cats were screaming all the time. It was clean, well-fed, and loved.

The kitten was lucky that it got such a kind person who saved it and loved it.

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