Positive photo-selection of dogs: only infectious fun

A positive attitude and infectious laughter are the main components in the life of any person. But sometimes there are days when there is no mood and you don’t want to do anything, a cloudy depression sets in. That’s when people’s best friends, dogs, come to the rescue.

A former police dog employee who was fired with the label “Too friendly”

The cutest photo you’ve seen all day.

A living, fluffy cloud!

And again there is a mess.

Baby’s best friend.

What charming eyes. I wonder what the doggie was thinking at that moment.

Add a cutie to your feed.

Blue-eyed fluffy French bulldog.

It’s so cool to have someone look at you like that.

The dog is tired.

Force of Natural Beauty.

Always hungry, always hungry…

Looks like a bear.

Luxurious color.

There’s always a support group.

Why is it so uncomfortable?

An obedient little dog.

These babies are always there to cheer us up. They’ll never leave you bored or sad.

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