The kitty from the shelter climbed into the guy’s arms and asked him to take it with him

Many people believe that in an animal shelter they make a choice in favor of some pet that they like. But in fact, this rarely happens. After all, animals mostly choose their owner. Everyone knows that animals have a certain flair that helps them determine whether a good person is in front of them or not.

Apparently, the guy in this photo turned out to be very good. A little cat named Luna chose him as soon as he crossed the threshold of the shelter.

As soon as she saw him, she didn’t take her eyes off him anymore. The young man took the kitten in his arms, and she purred affectionately in response. And then Luna put her paw on the man’s hand as if saying, “I trust you, so don’t let me down.” They looked into each other’s eyes and understood everything.

The young man immediately went to draw up documents to take the baby home. He shared that he had never met a more affectionate and gentle kitty.

The kitten had minor health problems and spent one day in the clinic. But now she is completely healthy.

Luna loves to watch cat videos where mice run.

And the rest of her time she enjoys spending with her owner.

That’s who makes the choice!

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