An elephant who has lost its mother hugs an ostrich every day

For people, it will not be superfluous to learn from animals of true friendship and loyalty. As an example, today we will tell the story of a baby elephant, Giotto, and an ostrich.

When the baby elephant was only a month old, it, inadvertently, fell into a well from which it was impossible to get out on its own. Its relatives also could not help it, so they just left, leaving the elephant to die.

The elephant was discovered by an employee of the animal rescue company Wildlife Trust, David Sheldrick.

The animal was identified in a shelter in Kenya. There it was given the name Giotto. At the same time, the ostrich Pea was brought to the animal shelter. As strange as it may sound, completely different animals have become best friends.

They will never be found separately. They not only play together but even sleep side by side. And they love to hug.

When the animals reach the age of adults, they will be released into the wild.

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