These dogs made the trip a great comedy: humorous selection

There are very few dogs that sit quietly or simply sleep in their place in the owner’s car during the trip. How can you lie down when there are so many interesting events going on around you! Only here the owners set some rules of behavior. But if the pet still manages to do something, you can’t look at it without a smile.

1. The dog struggles with the net, which the owner has especially pulled so that the pet does not interfere with his driving.

2. The most important thing on the road is the safety of passengers.

3. The most convenient place.

4. Convenient sleeping position.

5. Sit in this basket yourself! And even a bone won’t help to persuade me.

6. And this fuzzy guy is trying to catch the wind.

7. Sleep after a walk in the fresh air.

8. And on this puppy, the backseat acts like a sleeping pill.

9. A car seat of a suitable size.

10. But he looks like a security guard with glasses?

11. Suitable glasses for the muzzle in the window.

12. Hello from the hatch.

13. In real life, the dog looks much cuter.

14. And another way to fall asleep in the car.

15. It’s been a fun ride

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