A small dog with three paws lives alone in an empty apartment. Nobody needs it

A small dog in one of the sleeping areas of Kursk was noticed in the summer. The fact that the animal needed help was obvious at first glance – the dog did not have one paw and it moved by jumping. Despite the difficulties, the dog did not like when people approached it. The locals fed the animal, but they did not show any more care.

After a while, the dog, who received the nickname Dina, was still shown to the veterinarian. Doctors found more than one disease and began to actively treat it. Dina stayed in the hospital, but after a while, it was able to escape from the clinic. The savior who brought Dina to the doctors began to look for it and made posts about the missing dog.

Dina was found, however, there was no one to give it to – the man who took care of it refused to continue dealing with the fate of the animal. The dog seemed to understand that no one needed it and changed its caution towards people to affection – Dina snuggled up to every person who happened to be nearby. The dog seemed to be trying to figure out whether they would leave it this time or feel sorry for the poor animal.

This time people didn’t leave Dina. The dog has gone through more than one operation and dozens of visits to the veterinarian, as well as endless loneliness – Dina was not taken away for temporary care and it is also unlikely to find new owners for it. Realizing that the dog would not survive alone on the street again, it was placed in an empty apartment. For a long time the dog has been living alone in an empty apartment – in the evening no lights are turned on in the rooms, and there is no food in the kitchen for it, no one comes to play or pet Dina.

The dog jumps around the apartment on three paws all day and freezes at the sound of footsteps in the entrance, hoping that this time the door to its home will open and a kind woman who visits it, will bring food, take it for a walk outside. The woman comes, but only once a day, and the rest of the time Dina is left to itself.

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